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Test Solutions for Simulink Models & Production Code

Virtual Validation for ADAS/AD

How can I create the needed millions of scenarios?

How can I avoid the test explosion problem?

How can I find out if my tests are passed or failed?

4 steps to not screw up Jenkins

Introduction During the last six years I have worked with many customers who used Jenkins as their central automation server for everything remotely related to software. In my previous role at BTC I spent much time setting up the complex Jenkins setup for BTC internal use. This meant covering multiple programming languages (Java, Matlab, C/C++, […]

Moving Automotive Embedded Software Development to the Cloud

I will spare you from a lengthy monolog on why a CI Pipeline that requires manually configured environments is fairly limited when it comes to scaling it out to other projects, other teams. I assume that you have felt the pain yourselves. There are different aspects to this topic including integrating with a cloud provider […]

How to Set Up Jenkins From Scratch on Your Own PC in 5 Minutes

Optimization “We know that Jenkins is great and all but we’re not some cloud-based start up. It would take ages to have server infrastructure available only to realize that it doesn’t support our workflows and tools after all.” Even though Jenkins is rapidly growing in automotive embedded software development I hear a lot of stories […]

4 Ways to Detect Undesired Changes During a Tool Version Migration

4) Software Requirements in ISO 26262 chapter 6 Software requirements are the result of a transformation process of the TSRs allocated to software parts and the HSIs into a set of requirements used to develop the software functions. In parallel, hardware requirements are also derived to develop the hardware elements. Software requirements describe the static […]

3 Takeaways from Jenkins World 2018 Nice

If you’re not used to the term “DevOps”: Wikipedia defines DevOps as “a set of practices intended to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production, while ensuring high quality”. However, most of the people who are involved have a rough definition that can be […]

Continuous Delivery: 3 best practices to get maximum benefit from automated testing

Agile Development, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) have become more than just buzzwords. They are key success factors in software industry. The idea is, to have a software pipeline covering all stages from concept to deployment while ensuring repeatability and reliability in order to enable frequent releases with constant feedback. This concept is […]