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Test Solutions for Simulink Models & Production Code

Virtual Validation for ADAS/AD

How can I create the needed millions of scenarios?

How can I avoid the test explosion problem?

How can I find out if my tests are passed or failed?



From Northern Germany to the World


We develop premium testing tools for software developers in the automotive industry

BTC Embedded Systems was founded in Oldenburg/Germany in 1999.

We started with an ambitious goal: To take complex and powerful mathematical verification and test methods out of their academic hiding place, and make them available for real-life model-based software development projects.

We still feel dedicated to this goal and with a global presence and over 200 employees, we proudly look back on 20 years of technological market leadership in areas like formal verification, model checking and automatic test generation.

Today, our ISO 26262 certified products are used by car makers and suppliers world-wide for the automated test and verification of safety critical embedded software.

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about us

Management Team

About us

BTC Worldwide

Currently BTC Embedded Systems AG has locations in Oldenburg, Berlin, Tokyo, Nagoya, Shanghai, Detroit, Paris, and Timisoara, and is part of the “BTC Group” led by the BTC Business Technology Consulting AG.


Innovative through Research

We believe that continuous effort in research and innovation is a key factor for success in the quickly changing embedded world. Therefore, BTC Embedded Systems was and continues to be active in different research projects and partnerships.

By involving universities and research institutes, as well as industry members from fields such as automotive or aerospace, these collaborations serve as a great example of what BTC Embedded Systems has stood for from the beginning: Bridging the gap between the academic world and industrial projects in order to have a disruptive impact on the quality and efficiency of embedded software development. 


It’s all about integration

Today, embedded software development projects rely on complex toolchains, combining tools from different vendors for use cases like requirements management, function development or testing.

In a world of growing software complexity and agile processes, an efficient integration between these tools is key to success.

And this is exactly the benefit our long-standing partnerships with companies such as dSPACE, IBM or Siemens provide for our customers. 

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