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15th AUTOSAR Open Conference

Leif Driebold

Taichi Ando

AUTOSAR Open Conference

The 15th AUTOSAR Open Conference, which takes place from June 11-12th, 2024 in Tokyo, Japan, and this year’s motto is “Global software solutions for future mobility challenges.”

This event will present you a global insight into the usage of AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) and provides a great networking opportunity between AUTOSAR partners, interested non-partners and collaborating organizations.

AUTOSAR is dedicated to build a solid automotive development ecosystem to enable open E/E system architecture for future intelligent mobility supporting high levels of dependability, underlining safety, and security.

Collaborating closely with 3rd parties is essential to AUTOSAR to tackle the complexity of Software Defined Vehicle that challenges the entire automotive industry.

Get excited about topics of AUTOSAR’s Role in Software Defined Vehicle EcosystemCloud and Edge ConnectivityFunctional Safety and Automotive Cybersecurity as well as Automated Driving in the Context of AUTOSAR.

11th June 2024 – 16:35 – 17:20

BTC Japan: Model-Based Development Using AUTOSAR: Challenges and Best Practices.
Speaker: Leif Driebold

Leif Driebold

Tokyo, Japan

Manager Sales Engineering & Senior Product Manager

Taichi Ando

Tokyo, Japan

Manager, Sales Engineering Department

Taichi Ando studied Earth and Planetary Sciences at Kyushu University. He joined in BTC Japan in 2009, and started to work as a sales engineer for Formal Specification, Formal Verification and Automatic Testing compliant with functional safety standards. He is today responsible for manager of sales engineering department.

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