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Embedded World 2021 digital

Wolfgang Meincke

1. – 5. March 2021

Location: Online (virtual conference)

BTC Embedded System joins the virutual embedded world conference 2021. On Tuesday, 2nd of March, Mr. Wolfgang Meincke (Senior Pilot Engineer at BTC Embedded Systems) will give a talk on “Applying Automated Formal CCC Checks for Complex Systems Development”.

Applying Automated Formal CCC Checks for Complex Systems Development

Today many systems have safety-critical aspects with an increasing demand for “quality” which can only be addressed by applying mature processes, methods, and tools. Having a set of consistent and complete and correct requirements as a starting point for the complex development process is a crucial thing to reach the needed level of quality as prescribed by several safety standards of the automotive and aviation sector like ISO 26262 and DO-178C.

In this presentation, we propose an intuitive and graphical specification language to ease the complex formalization task for textual requirements. We then elaborate on fully automated formal checks to demonstrate consistency and completeness and correctness of formal specifications in a very early design stage, where a system model or production code are not yet available. Detected problems are analyzed with a formal requirements simulation feature. This in turn leads to greater product quality with less cost compared with traditional processes.


Wolfgang Meincke

Stuttgart, Germany

Senior Application Engineer
Senior Business Development Manager India

Wolfgang Meincke studied Computer Science at the University Ravensburg-Weingarten where he graduated in 2006. He then worked at EWE TEL GmbH where he was responsible for requirements engineering and project management for software development projects as well as agile software development processes. In 2014 he joined BTC as senior pilot engineer to support the customers to integrate the tools into their development processes as well as giving support and training on test methodologies regarding the ISO 26262 standard. One of his main areas of interest is the formalization of safety requirements and their verification based on formal testing and model-checking technologies for unit test, integration test and HIL real-time-testing.

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