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TÜV – Tagung Automatisiertes Fahren

Dr. Tom Bienmüller

Dr. Matthias Büker

Attend “TÜV Tagung Automatisiertes Fahren” (TÜV Conference Automated Driving) at TÜV SÜD in München, Germany on December 7 – 8th. 

The 11th Automated Driving Conference will focus on the current challenges of automated vehicles. The focus will be on concepts, approaches that have already been implemented, and experience reports on the design of these new technologies, also with regard to social acceptance and their use.

Our colleagues Dr. Tom Bienmüller and Dr. Matthias Büker will give a presentation in the session “Assurance and Release / Scenario-based Testing”).

7th December 2023 – 17:30h

An automated approach for a SOTIF-conform virtual homologation of automated driving functions

Dr. Tom Bienmüller

Oldenburg, Germany

Executive Vice President – Autonomous Driving Testing

Dr. Matthias Büker

Oldenburg, Germany

Principal Process Engineer


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