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Release of BTC EmbeddedPlatform 22.1

As the 1st major Release in 2022, the new version BTC EmbeddedPlatform 22.1 (incl. BTC EmbeddedTester 22.1, BTC EmbeddedSpecifier 22.1 and BTC EmbeddedValidator 22.1) is now available.

With this release we are switching to a new version scheme. 22.1 is the first release in 2022, which will be followed by 22.2 in summer and 22.3 at the end of the year  (and 23.x next year).

BTC EmbeddedPlatform 22.1 brings support for the latest TargetLink version 5.2. Further feature highlights include: 

New non-binary format for test case import and export (JSON)

By supporting the popular JSON format for the import and export of test cases, we now provide a non-binary highly readible exchange format. This format can be easily used to manage, store, version and review individual test cases in version management systems like Git or SVN.

Enhanced support for Embedded Coder models

  • Support for AUTOSAR runnables with variant activation of runnables

  • Support for AUTOSAR sender / receiver interfaces using the data access modes ”QueuedExplicitReceive” and “QueuedExplicitSend”

  • Support for “DataStoreRead” / “DataStoreWrite” blocks containing Bus signals

Improved handling of vectors and arrays during test authoring

  • In BTC TestComposer it is now possible to assign a value for all elements of an vector or array at the same timE


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