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Test Solutions for Simulink Models & Production Code

Virtual Validation for ADAS/AD

How can I create the needed millions of scenarios?

How can I avoid the test explosion problem?

How can I find out if my tests are passed or failed?

What are the differences between functional and structural test cases?

When it comes to unit testing in automotive industries, the first use case most people have in mind is functional testing. Basically, this means to take all requirements that belong to a certain unit and write test cases to verify if the unit works as expected. However, there are also structural test cases that are […]

What you should know about floating-point

Floating-point code becomes more and more common in today’s automotive industry. Since development is often done model-based using tools such as Simulink and dSPACE TargetLink, the model serves as an additional abstraction layer and therefore is an additional stage in the development and testing process. In comparison to fixed-point, floating-point comes up with several advantages. […]

How to efficiently handle external variables in a TargetLink Unit Test


In the last decades, Model-based development (MBD) has considerably improved the development of embedded software in the automotive industry. Although the MBD methodology increases the efficiency of the development process, there are some technical challenges which function developers often experience. One example is the handling of external variables during software unit test. In this blog […]