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针对 ADAS/AD 虚拟验证的挑战




Scenario-based Virtual Validation

Analysis of simulation results

How can I find out if my tests are passed or failed?


How can I find out if my tests are passed or failed?

In a traditional requirements-based testing, we typically check the I/O behavior of the SUT against expected values. In contrast to this, the scenario-based testing of ADAS/AD applications requires a more sophisticated approach to monitor the traffic situation and the SUT behavior regarding traffic rules, safety requirements or quality-of-service rules (for example a certain goal for fuel economy). Judging if a test is passed or failed requires to combine these rules together, for example, to decide safe and liable behavior.

To solve this, BTC provides a dedicated graphical language for an intuitive specification of the needed rules. This formal language allows the automatic generation of corresponding observers which are used to automatically analyze the simulation results.

Intuitive and Graphical

Rule Creation with BTC Universal Pattern

With Universal Pattern, we provide and intuitive and easy to learn graphical language for the creation and management of traffic rules and safety goals. Thanks to the machine readable formal language, all rules can be directly used to automatically analyze all your traffic scenarios for potential rule violations.

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Hans Jürgen Holberg
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