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Use Cases

Back-to-Back Test

100% Completeness, 0% Manual Effort


Back-to-Back Test

Back-to-back tests between model and code are highly recommend by the ISO 26262 standard, but preparing and executing a back-to-back test can become quite challenging… especially in larger projects. Not only is it difficult to build up the enough test data to ensure completeness, but also the execution and the comparison between the model and code is often not intuitive or efficient.

BTC EmbeddedPlatform manages this challenge automatically, with 100% completeness and 0% manual effort.

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BTC EmbeddedPlatform

Back-to-Back Test with BTC EmbeddedTester

BTC EmbeddedTester provides an ISO 26262 certified environment for the automated back-to-back test between models (MIL) and production code (SIL/PIL). All relevant details of the model and code architecture are automatically extracted for TargetLink as well as Embedded Coder models.

The needed test cases are also generated automatically, making Back-to-back test with BTC EmbeddedTester a true push-button solution. The test generation is based on so-called model checking technology. Unlike random algorithms, this technology not only guarantees that the smallest and shortest set of test cases to cover the desired objectives will be found, but it also performs a dynamic analysis showing that some objectives are unreachable. This means that the tool is able to mathematically prove that some coverage goals is not reachable.

Divide and Conquer

Hierarchical Test Approach

Especially when working with large models, Back-to-back testing becomes challenge when we only focus on the top level.  

But isolating that subsystem for test harness creation can require time-consuming and error-prone manual labor. And this often leads to additional models and artifacts which need to be stored, managed and maintained.

 With the powerful “hierarchical test approach” in BTC EmbeddedTester, all these problems are smoothly managed in the background. The needed test harness models are automatically generated “on-the-fly” from the original model, so that they don’t need to be stored or manually updated.


Test Automation & CI/CD

With the BTC EmbeddedTester Test Automation add-on, you are able to run your test workflows completely automatically. The test execution can be triggered by a script or by tools such as Jenkins. When the tests are finished, a comprehensive HTML report is generated, providing a clear overview of the results as well as hyperlinks to the integrated detailed reports.

With an off-the-shelf support for Jenkins, a powerful and flexible REST API and the availability of a Linux-based container image, BTC EmbeddedTester is ready for all your future test automation needs, on your own servers or even in the cloud. 


ISO 26262

BTC EmbeeddedSpecifier (part of BTC EmbeddedPlatform) has been certified by German TÜV Süd as fit for usage in safety critical software development projects.

The certificate addresses different standards including IEC 61508-3:3010, ISO 26262, EN 50128, IEC 62304 as well as ISO 25119. For the automotive standard ISO 26262, the certificate is valid for all ASIL levels including ASIL D. As a verification tool, BTC EmbeddedTester has been classified with the highest tool confidence level of TCL 3.

We provide the certificate and the corresponding report to our customers free of charge upon request, which drmatically reduces or even eliminates any effort for tool qualification measures on the customer side. 

ISO 26262 Certificate










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BTC EmbeddedTester

Smart test generation for an ISO 26262 certified and fully automated Back-to-Back Test