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Test Lösungen für Simulink Modelle und Seriencode

Challenges of Virtual Validation for ADAS/AD

How can I create the needed millions of scenarios?

How can I avoid the test explosion problem?

How can I find out if my tests are passed or failed?

Release of BTC EmbeddedPlatform 22.2

As the 2nd major Release in 2022, the new version BTC EmbeddedPlatform 22.2 (incl. BTC EmbeddedTester 22.2, BTC EmbeddedSpecifier 22.2 and BTC EmbeddedValidator 22.2) is now available.

BTC EmbeddedPlatform 22.2 brings support for the latest Matlab/Simulink version 2022A.

Further feature highlights include: 

  • Support for model workspace parameters in context of EmbeddedCoder
  • Support for Simulink lookup table coverage
  • First version of a Linux Docker container image available

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